Weight loss story: "I was told by a guy that no man would like to be with me" - Times of India

The desire to stay in a good shape drives everyone but wrong lifestyle choices can make it hard. It also gets worse when you hear nasty comments from people around you. It can lower your self-confidence. When Piyali Sarkar, a 28-year-old woman faced random, unnecessary comments from strangers about her weight, she knew she had to change. Now, the same people who used to criticize her before now come seeking fitness tips! To know how she did it, read her transformational story from fat to fit here:
Name: Piyali Sarkar

Occupation: Senior Content and Lead Generation Writer

Age: 28

Highest Weight Recorded: 77 kilos

Weight lost: 21 kilos

Duration it took me to lose weight: 1 year

Turning Point: I have been at the receiving end of nasty body shaming comments but I never really paid attention to them. One day, I was on my way to the market when an uncle came running towards me and asked, "You are so fat! Don't you face difficulty in walking?" This one comment really struck me and I began to question myself. So, from that day on, I decided to work on myself and get fitter.

My breakfast: I have a small bowl of upma and one boiled egg for my breakfast. I never skip out on curd as it helps in digestion. After a while, I also like to have a fruit like an apple or pomegranate.

My lunch: For my lunch, I usually have a bowl of dal and veggies. I make sure that the vegetables are stir-fried in 1/2 tablespoon of oil.

Evening snack: I get hungry in the evenings, so I keep fruits handy. Papaya and Pineapples are my favourites. On some days, I also have a cup of flattened rice (poha) tossed with some peanuts.

Dinner: I like to have a bowl of daliya made out of mixed dals and loads of veggies for my dinner usually. It keeps me light and full.

Earlier, I used to binge on ice-creams and popcorn! Now, I restrict myself to just 1 serving of sugar-free ice cream in a month. This is the only cheat meal rule I follow!

My workout: I like to work out in the mornings when I have a lot of energy. One hour of brisk walking helps me stay charged up. I also do a lot of stretching exercises and planks. I also go for jogging for 15-20 minutes in the night.

Low-calorie recipe I swear by: Idli-sambhar and dhokla are good options for those who want to lose weight. I love eating them.

Fitness secrets I unveiled: For me, the biggest change came when I quit rice and sugar from my diet completely. Moreover, I have learned that detoxing your body from time to time helped in a big way. I now avoid outside food as much as I can. Homemade food made in less oil and spices is the best option. Hence, controlling and moderating your diet is the biggest takeaway in losing weight, according to me.

How do I stay motivated? One of the most important things anybody needs to practice is self-love. This motivates me every day. People who used to comment about my weight earlier now come seeking advice from me! This journey from comments to compliments is what keeps me up and going now!

How do you ensure you don’t lose focus? As much as I would have liked to change my old self, I still have photos of when I was overweight. I see such a big change in myself now. This comparison is sufficient enough to keep me motivated.

What’s the difficult part of being overweight? When you are overweight, immunity is also affected. You are at the risk of catching many lifestyle diseases from a young age. I want to enjoy my life without medicines. That was also one of the reasons for me losing weight.

What shape do you see yourself 10 years down the line? I dream of being in the perfect shape possible. I want to be a motivation for others.

What are the lifestyle changes you made? I made big changes to my diet. Rice, non-veg and sweets are a big no-no for me now. I avoid eating junk food and eat my dinner at sharp at 7 p.m. I also drink more water now.

What was the lowest point for you? I had to face too many rejections. I was really keen to participate in a duet dance with someone but I was told that I don’t look good and no guy would want to be with me. It was really embarrassing. I never got an opportunity to take part in a duet dance because of my weight and looks. When I look back, they really broke my heart.

Lessons learnt from weight-loss: I lead a better lifestyle now and I am more confident. I paid no heed to the trolls back them and do not pay attention to the compliments coming from them now. One more thing, even if you get a chance to dance with someone who rejected you before, prefer to dance alone but not with them again.

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