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After Riot Games unveiled a series of new projects in development during League of Legends’ 10th anniversary, 2020 seemed filled to the brim with game releases. But if you thought the developer was done there, think again.

Riot is adding a new board game to its long list of upcoming titles. Riot announced Tellstones: King’s Gambit, a two-player bluffing game based on a traditional game played in the fictional region of Demacia, today in a new developer update aimed at explore League’s future Universe updates. Tellstones comes as Riot’s second tabletop project after Mechs vs. Minions launched in 2016.

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We’re making more tabletop games! Read all about Riot Tabletop and our next board game, Tellstones: King’s Gambit:

The board game will feature disc-like playing objects with “perfect information,” meaning both players have full access to all the information available on the board. Not much else is known about the game or its release date for now.

Tellstones first surfaced in September when Riot filed a trademark for the name. Shortly after, the League of Legends Public Beta Environment updated during the Patch 9.20 cycle to include loading screen tips for the board game. The tips mentioned King Santon of Demacia, who avoided war with a game called Tellstones and carved out a place in the region’s culture for the game.

League fans interested in learning more can sign up for additional information from the game’s website.

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