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Published on Jan 23, 2020

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If you haven’t binged Netflix’s latest docuseries “Cheer,” seriously get watching, because you’re missing out. The cast just stopped by The Ellen Degeneres show and spilled all the tea that we’ve been wanting to know since Daytona.What’s up? It’s Drew Dorsey here with Clevver News and as someone who’s never been a cheerleader in my life I never thought I would be SO invested in the lives of a community college cheer team in Corsicana (CORSE-SIH-CAN-AH), Texas, but here we are.I’m obsessed with the entire Navarro Cheer team like I said, if you haven’t watched their Netflix docuseries yet, you’re sleeping on some seriously incredible content.And just so none of y’all come for me, there will be some spoilers ahead. So if you haven’t watched, you’ve been warned.

But just in case you need a little recap, the show follows an elite cheerleading squad who, with their devoted coach Monica Aldama, have won the National Cheerleaders Association’s national championships in Daytona Beach, Florida, almost every year since 2000.The series follows them as they’re preparing to compete for their 14th title, and they’ll stop at nothing to earn another first-place trophy.Seriously, like this isn’t the kind of cheerleading you’re used to. These stunts are intense and if there is any tiny mistake... concussions, bruised ribs, and broken bones are all possible outcomes.And this show is basically all anyone is talking about everywhere, especially on social media! Honestly, thank you Netflix for blessing us with Cheer and starting 2020 off on the right roundoff back handspring! SORRY I just had to.All of the cast members have totally blown up on social media with one of the show’s breakout stars Gabi Butler hitting 1 million followers. Obviously, if you’ve been a long time fan of cheerleading you’ve heard of Gabi Butler, she’s “cheer famous.” But if you’re like me and just got into it, Gabi is the latest greatest influencer in your life.And Gabi, alongside her teammates Jerry Harris and La’Darius (LA-DARE-EE-US) Marshall and their coach Monica, all appeared on the Ellen Degeneres Show today.During their chat with Ellen, Jerry obviously showed off his mat talk skills and even gave Ellen a little mat talk of her own annnnnd it was EPIC.

UGH WE LOVE JERRY! We’re just so glad he’s on the team for another year.But Ellen asked Gabi the burning questions we’ve all been wondering about since the show aired.

She asked about her parents. And we all saw Gabi’s parents in the show, they were very controlling and overbearing and fans had A LOT to say about it online.And if you’ve watched the show you know what these people are talking about.Ellen asked about her parents and Gabi responded by talking about how the show was really a learning experience for her and her family.Gabi also went on to say that the show really helped her start to love herself more and helped her with being more positive, so all in all she’s been very grateful for the experience.And so are we because we got to watch it all play out in this incredible series.And of course, the entire Navarro Cheer team was there for an epic performance on Ellen. All our favs were there like Morgan, Lexi, TT, and more. And from the looks of it they are definitely bound to win Daytona again this year.But that wasn’t all, not only did they get interviewed by and perform for Ellen, but the team was also given a major gift on the show -- a whopping $20,000 check for their competition expenses.And that news had everyone on the stage going nuts, even Coach Monica.

What a sweet moment!But obviously not everyone on the team could sit down with Ellen for an interview and there were still some questions I had.Like for one, how did all star tumbler Lexi Brumback make it back on the team after we saw her get kicked off at the end of last season?In the finale episode we found out that the police caught Lexi and some friends in a car containing quote “illegal stuff.”Although it was ultimately Monica’s decision to cut her from the team, she expressed her disappointment, and mentioned that Lexi did need the structure in order to thrive.Well, Lexi blessed us all with some much needed good news last week and announced she’s back on the team and is getting ready to slay Daytona 2020.She posted this pic on IG and wrote quote, “Honey, I’m home.”So how did Lexi getting back on the squad go down? Well, Lexi and Monica opened up to Huffington Post about Lexi coming back to Navarro.And Lexi is extremely grateful for the second chance.And we are grateful too.Now I only have one question… are we getting a Season 2?! Come on Netflix, give the people what they want!

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