Don't Let Trump, Or Any Politician, Dictate Your COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 is becoming more of a political issue than a medical one. But the virus is raising legitimate concerns about America's future.

Why Uber Splurged on a $170 Million Investment as It Laid-off Thousands

Uber led a $170 million investment round in micro-mobility firm Lime just hours after announcing it was laying off 3,700 employees.

Mother's Day Is Not A Happy Day For Those With Toxic Mothers

For many, Mother's Day is a happy day. For many more, however, it's a reminder that their mother is toxic, a narcissist, or an addict.

Fact Checking Donald Trump's Cringy Mother's Day Pandemic Brag

It's Mother's Day, but instead of praising Melania and mothers, Donald Trump made a false brag about his coronavirus approval ratings.

Travis Scott's Fortnite Concert Gives Artists a New Way to Get Rich

Whether he meant to or not, Travis Scott made history with his so-called "Fortnite Concert." Let's look at the new future.

The NASDAQ Is Up 15% For The Year: Are Tech Stocks Invincible?

Would you have believed a year ago that the economy could crash this hard and yet the NASDAQ would be up 15% for the year?

If Trump Believes in Hope, Why Is He Pushing #ObamaGate Conspiracies?

Donald Trump is tweeting about #ObamaGate on Mother's Day. For a president who wants to spread hope, he's, unsurprisingly, doing a terrible job.

The Dow Continues to Soar While the Economy Crumbles - Here's Why

The Dow is rallying on negative headlines. This isn't an illogical rally since the market anticipates what's ahead. Investors think the worst is behind us.

PlayStation 5 Fanboys Can't Handle Positive Xbox Series X Announcements

While we're all dying to hear more about the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, any new information also brings fanboys out of the woodworks.

Did Zion Williamson Just Ruin His Shot at a 'Last Dance' Legacy?

Zion Williamson was just accused of illegally accepting money from Duke and various shoe brands. Did he already ruin his shot at a 'Last Dance'-level ...